Community Organizing & Advocacy

Empowerment. Means we give people the decision making authority and the trust to be able to work towards that vision that allow them the autonomy, the strength and equip them with the knowledge, the ability, the skill, the technology, the tool, the training to allow them to succeed as they march with us to achieving an extraordinary, a phenomenal that is vital. That's what empowerment is about. 

One of the most vital components in developing a new kind of community is that the group write around a compelling vision of what is possible. The original definition of community was "to serve together". Having a purpose of service sets the foundation around which the form will grow.  A compelling vision is the foundation of leadership... Fulfilling the vision pulls members of a community out of pure individual concerns into something far greater than themselves. Vision is the basic building block of new communities, from couples joining in partnership, schools creating learning environments, neighbors caring for one another, to businesses seeing themselves in service of the larger society.

Community education, organizing and mobilization are ways in which FCDC empowers the community to advocate for their rights and participate in finding solutions to problems. We continue to organize tenant associations and advocate for needed community services.