Steve Arevalo Housing and Community Development Initiative (SAHCDI) 


Steve Arevalo Housing and Community Development Initiative (SAHCDI) intends to create real houses especially for the homeless, the poor, and the low-income population, in pleasing communities that create their own enterprises, jobs, houses, healthcare, modern education, finance, trade, transport infrastructure, waste management, and wealth in communities living in harmony with their environments. 

FCDC has started the Steve Arevalo Community Development Initiative. This Initiative will train and mentor interns in community capacity building and non-profit housing development. The intent is to continue Steve’s legacy of community activism and affordable housing advocacy".

The reality is that we are in the midst of fighting gentrification and the displacement of communities in areas that are targeted for technology development and high end real estate. 65% of homeless people in San Francisco similar to other urban areas were evicted or displaced from their homes because of redevelopment.

We appreciate your support and donation to sustain SAHCDI work.